You woke up this morning and found your basement flooded. You know you have homeowner insurance to protect you from events like this, but for the first time you have to file a claim. How do you do that? The insurance claim process can be a bit confusing, especially if it’s your first time.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Before we get started, remember that depending on the type of coverage you have, you could find that not everything will be covered or that your insurance company may deny your claim. To learn more about your insurance policy, contact your broker now; they can answer any questions you have to make sure you’re fully covered.

Whether you’re making a health insurance claim, auto insurance claim, home insurance claim, or life insurance claim, there are certain things you can do to get the most out of your insurance policy. Here are some of the things you should do (and a few things to avoid) when you’re filing an insurance claim.


If you were in a car accident or experienced a home theft, you’ll need to contact the police. The responding officer will be able to objectively assess what has happened and will take down information about the event to file a police report. This report will help you with your claim, providing evidence for what happened, who was at fault, and what damages or loss you sustained.

As a general rule of thumb for motor vehicle accidents, you should call the police after an accident if you estimate the damage will exceed $2000. Of course, that can be difficult to assess on the spot, so if you’re in doubt, just put the call in!


You probably already know this, but by providing accurate information when filing a claim you can actually speed the process. Your insurance broker needs accurate, factual information to file your claim. Not providing accurate information may cause the claim process to be delayed or even denied. We want to make sure you get the coverage you need every time, so make sure to tell us everything we need to know upfront.


Nobody reads insurance policies for fun in their spare time, but you need to be familiar with your policy in the event of a claim. Read through your policy as soon as you receive it and follow up right away if anything isn’t clear. If anything is unclear, a member of the Cornerstone team is ready to answer all your questions. By reading through your policy, you’ll have a better idea what events are and aren’t covered, if there are specific claim procedures to follow, and how long you have to submit your claim. When you’re familiar with this information, the process of filing a claim will run more smoothly for you. Plus, you won’t have to worry about what to expect!


In the case of an accident, contact your insurance company or brokerage as soon as possible, even from the scene of an accident. With our Cornerstone Connect app you can even submit a claim from the accident scene. Download the app now! Your insurance broker can help guide you through the process, tell you what coverage you have, and point you toward the claim forms and documents. So when you’re submitting a claim make sure to contact your trusted broker right away.


Make sure you have documentation of everything to do with the incident. Take pictures of anything that might be relevant, get a police report if necessary, gather contact information from everyone involved, and keep documentation of conversations regarding your claim. The more information you provide your claims adjuster with, the easier it is to file your claim.

When you’re making an insurance claim, you want to receive your full replacement cost or cash value, but without any added confusion. That’s why the Cornerstone Insurance team is here to make filing a claim simple and straightforward, 24/7. If you have any questions about your insurance policy and what it covers, or you want more information about different coverage, call us today! Our brokers are ready to give you a hand.

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