Here at Cornerstone Insurance, we don’t sell insurance; we buy it on your behalf. We work with the most reputable insurance companies in Canada to ensure that you get the proper coverage at the best rates available. Here are the reputable companies that we work with here at Cornerstone Insurance.

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Agile Sprint Insurance

Agile Sprint Insurance offers brokers a simple and convenient way to do business with a modern digital approach to insurance, efficiently improving the bottom line.

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April Canada

Think of April Canada as the crème de la crème of specialist insurers. They offer hard-to-place insurance solutions and niche products to insurance brokers in Canada.

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Beacon Underwriting

Beacon Underwriting is one of our talented Canadian niche insurers. They have highly flexible underwriting solutions for unique needs, especially in the areas of marine insurance and difficult to insure homeowners. 

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Cansure Insurance

Cansure is an insurance company that was established in Vancouver and has since grown into a highly desirable supplier of insurance solutions in Canada. In addition to all the staples of insurance, Cansure offers specialty insurance products that many other Canadian insurers don’t carry.

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chubb insurance logo

Chubb Insurance

Chubb is one of the top property and casualty insurers in Canada. They also offer personal accident and supplemental health insurance, life insurance, and major commercial insurance lines. 

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hagerty insurance logo

Hagerty Insurance

When classic and valuable cars are your passion, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to protect them. You’re an expert when it comes to your vehicles, so you need experts to secure you the right insurance coverage.

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intact insurance logo

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is the largest insurance company in Canada, and they’ve built a great reputation with clients since getting their start way back in 1809.

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manulife insurance logo

Manulife Insurance

Manulife Insurance policies are designed around people, and people are at the cornerstone of our insurance solutions. Protecting your health and wellness also protects your family, your finances, and your long-term goals.

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oceanic underwriters logo insurance

Oceanic Underwriters

Although insurers with a wide range of options are great to have on board, we also need niche products for our clients’ highly specific needs. When it comes to marine and boat insurance, that’s Oceanic Underwriters.

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pal insurance brokers logo insurance

PAL Insurance

Event planning is unpredictable at best. There are plenty of circumstances that are difficult to plan for, which is why the talented underwriters at PAL Insurance are so valuable in the event insurance industry.

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peace hills insurance logo

Peace Hills Insurance

Peace Hills Insurance is a Western Canadian insurance company owned by Samson Cree Nation. They’re actually our neighbours, with their head office in Edmonton, AB. We like their homegrown feel and the vast range of products that apply directly to our clients.

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premier canada insurance logo

Premier Canada

Expert service is one of the main reasons we work with Premier Canada for your insurance needs. They have excellent underwriters who are highly qualified and specialized in their own division of insurance.

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SGI Insurance Canada logo

SGI Insurance Canada

Like Cornerstone Insurance Brokers, SGI Insurance Canada is committed to serving customers with better products and delivery. SGI has been awarded…

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Underwriting solutions logo insurance

Underwriting Solutions LP

Our clients are our neighbours, so it only makes sense that our insurers would be too. Underwriting Solutions LP is an Alberta-born insurance company.

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Victor Insurance

Victor has specialty insurance solutions that cover professionals and construction businesses, as well as many other types of industries. They also offer group and health benefits, making them a great resource for our local Alberta trades and professionals.

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wawanesa insurance logo

Wawanesa Insurance

Wawanesa is another exceptional option for both commercial and personal insurance lines, making bundling policy options to save money on premiums a breeze.

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wawanesa life insurance logo

Wawanesa Life

Wawanesa Life is a subsidiary of Wawanesa Insurance. Their focus is solely on people-centred plans, including health and life coverage, as well as group benefits for businesses.

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