Your home is your haven, and we’re here to protect it.

Think about all of the items that make up your home and lifestyle. There’s your home and its contents – everything you consider valuable. There’s also your lake cottage or vacation property and rental properties, which need extra protection for when you’re not there.

Residential insurance exists to protect these things, so that when a tornado comes and scours it all away, you can rebuild or replace the whole shebang, just like it was an hour before the storm. Furthermore, if there’s ever a lawsuit against you (some litigious so-and-so slips on your sidewalk, for instance), property insurance will cover you against the liability.



Your Cornerstone Insurance broker is your neighbour, and we believe neighbours should be there for each other. We won’t throw you a block party for moving into your new home, but we will make sure you can settle in with peace of mind knowing you have trustworthy coverage.

Your Cornerstone Insurance broker will advise you on strategies to lower your premiums and suggest ways to get the most from your coverage on an ongoing basis. We don’t just rubber stamp renewals; we review policies every year. We’ve seen more than enough fine print to know how to work the system on your behalf. That’s just one reason we’re known for going the extra mile for our clients.

Find your home insurance, condo insurance, or rental property insurance policy today, and get peace of mind for tomorrow. Get in touch with us to learn more about how you can protect your home and get a free home insurance quote.


We’re committed to bringing Albertans the best options and insurance rates in Canada.

Our insurance companies can provide:

  • Home insurance coverage, including water damage coverage
  • Tenant insurance/renters insurance
  • Car insurance coverage
  • High-risk auto insurance coverage

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