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Expert Insurance Solutions for Sustainable Energy Industries in Alberta

Welcome to Cornerstone Insurance, where we specialize in providing bespoke insurance solutions for the burgeoning sustainable energy sector in Edmonton, Alberta. Understanding the unique challenges and risks associated with eco-friendly initiatives, we offer tailored insurance policies designed to protect your business and projects.


Solar Panel Installation Contractors Insurance

In the rapidly evolving field of solar energy, installation contractors face a unique set of risks. Our insurance policies cover a wide range of potential issues, from on-site accidents to project delays, ensuring that your business remains secure and compliant.


Insurance for Energy Evaluators

As an energy evaluator, your assessments and recommendations carry significant weight. Our insurance solutions cover professional liability and indemnity, safeguarding your practice against unforeseen circumstances and claims.


LEED Consultants Insurance Coverage

For LEED consultants, navigating the complexities of sustainable building projects requires not just expertise but also comprehensive risk management. Our insurance policies are designed to cover project-specific risks, offering peace of mind as you guide your clients toward greener solutions.


Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

The installation of electric vehicle chargers is a specialized field that comes with its own set of challenges. Our insurance policies are crafted to protect you from the specific risks involved in these installations, from electrical hazards to public liability.


Solar Project Consultants Insurance Solutions

Advising on solar projects entails various risks, from contractual obligations to technical advisory. Our insurance solutions for solar project consultants are tailored to address these unique challenges, ensuring your consultancy is well-protected.


Insurance for Solar Powered Buildings and Homes

Owning or operating a solar-powered building or home comes with a distinct set of considerations. Our insurance policies are designed to cover these unique properties, ensuring that your investment in sustainable energy is safeguarded against a range of risks.

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