Why We Choose to Work with Trusted Insurers in Alberta

October 17, 2023

Relationships Matter to Us

Although personal and commercial lines of insurance are what we specialize in, at Cornerstone Insurance Brokers, our true purpose for existing is to have a positive impact on our community. For us, that means putting in the effort to build lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect, not just with clients but with the insurance companies we work alongside. Our role is to make sure that everyone benefits when they work together, and we’ve become great at this, which is why we’ve been successful. 

In this post, we’ll outline some of our trusted insurance partners, why we work with them, and how this all benefits you as our clients.

A Few of Our Trusted Insurers

Life and work are a whole lot better when you like, know, and trust the people you work alongside. Our team does great work when we’re well-aligned with the insurance companies who write policies for our clients. After all, we talk to them regularly to set up policies, check in on policies, get new information, and assist our clients with submitting claims and making changes.

Here are some of the insurance companies we’re proud to work alongside:

Intact Insurance 

Intact Insurance provides great rates for a range of personal and commercial insurance lines, usually at very competitive rates. They are always developing new products to keep up with the changing world, and best of all, they support local causes. 

Wawanesa Insurance

Wawanesa Insurance cares about making sure you’re rewarded for risk management, which means their policies include features like claims-free discounts. They offer an incredible selection of commercial insurance, personal insurance, and life and health insurance.

Hagerty Insurance

Hagerty Insurance focuses on classic car insurance for your collectible cars. Their insurance includes added features like roadside assistance, flexible usage, and automotive discounts. They also offer many extra perks for collector vehicle enthusiasts, including Hargerty Drivers Club and their popular Hagerty Magazine. 

Peace Hills Insurance

Peace Hills Insurance is a local insurance provider, owned by the Samson Cree Nation, offering a wide range of insurance options made for Albertans. They offer policies for everything from farm insurance to commercial auto & property insurance to personal home insurance and everything in between. Our clients like them for their homegrown feel and variety of products.

You can see a more complete list of insurance companies by visiting our trusted insurance partners page. Keep in mind that we often add insurance companies to this list as we work to serve you better. 

The Benefits Our Clients Experience

First Rate Service for Our Clients

Nothing is as rewarding as being able to go above and beyond for our clients in ways that matter. To do that, we have to make sure our insurers have the same goals and values as our team. When we do this, we can develop policies and claims processes with them that make getting insurance and submitting claims a truly simple and smooth experience. 

You Need Options for Insurance

No two lives are the same, and your insurance shouldn’t be, either. One of the main reasons we want to offer you the best insurance options is so you have more decision-making power when it comes to your policy features, monthly or annual premiums, and coverage. We can provide different policies as potential options, walk you through the pros and cons of each, and continue to shop the market for you in the future as the insurance market or your needs change.

You Need Customization in Your Insurance 

You will likely need more than one type of policy, and different insurers specialize in different types of coverage. For example, companies like Intact Insurance provide auto insurance for everyday driving vehicles for great rates, while Hagerty offers a more tailored policy for classic cars and collector cars. 

So, depending on your lifestyle and what’s important to you, we can make sure you get exactly what you need. In some cases, we can help you bundle your policies with one company to obtain discounts, and in others, we can make sure that you get fully personalized coverage with different insurers. And, best of all, you’ll get fully personalized service from your Cornerstone Insurance Broker whenever you need help with any of your policies from different insurers.

Covering Hard-to-Insure or Unusual Insurance Needs

Sometimes, insurance can be difficult to obtain, and in those cases, we have options that will fit unusual circumstances. April Canada is one of the insurers that provides specialty and niche insurance products, including insurance for snowbirds, farming, and specialized commercial policies. If you are having trouble finding the right insurance solution for your needs, let us know so we can find unique options with our partners.

We’ll Comparison Shop for You

Insurance policies are so unique that it’s almost always worth it to get several insurance quotes before you buy. The only problem is that it takes a great deal of time and organization to sort through quotes and find your best options. 

The benefits of shopping with an insurance broker who can access the market for you come in three ways: first, thanks to our broker partnerships, we’ll be able to shop for options you may not have direct access to. Second, you’ll save time and frustration by not having to spend an entire day looking for options online or calling around and waiting on hold with insurance companies. And finally, we can give you unbiased, expert advice about different options and what will work best for your specific needs, circumstances, and budget.

Working With Your Insurance Broker Should Be Rewarding

Just like we want to work with great people and build lasting relationships, we believe that your insurance broker should be someone you know and trust. We protect the things we care about most, and that includes you, your family, and your belongings!

You can always check out our list of trusted insurers, but the best way to find out which insurer is the right fit for you is by reaching out directly to our team of insurance experts. We’ll gather your details, shop for policies, and bring you back the best options so you can make the best choice for your family or business. 

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