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We're proud of our people. Individually, they're Jedi Masters of their own particular disciplines. Together, they're a crack team - the ones you call in when the regular troops can't handle the mission.

Owen Corus - President, CEO, CFO

There's over 75 years of insurance tradition wrapped up in Owen. His mom, dad, and granddad were all brokers before him. Since assuming full ownership in '87, he's mergered and acquisitioned and evolved the brokerage into the full-service, customer-based company it is today.

In that time, Owen's role has changed from helping people, to helping people help other people. His management style however, hasn't changed a bit. He still leads from the front, by example. He'd never ask someone to do something he wouldn't do himself, When he makes you a promise or gives you his word, he always keeps it.

Email: Owen Corus

Karim Mouait - VP, Business Development

If Cornerstone had an international man of mystery, it'd be Karim. He's not only a world traveler, writer, and musician – he's a martial arts expert besides. It makes you wonder: why isn't this guy out saving the world?

Of course, if you asked him, he'd tell you he was – one policy at a time. Karim takes care of business (so to speak), making sure our new clients are well looked after with competitive rates, sensible coverage, and everything else they need to avoid unnecessary risk.

Email: Karim Mouait

Caroline de Boer - Broker Support

Caroline is appreciated by everyone. She takes care of our clients the whole day through; and making everyone's day a little happier is clearly a driving force. She started off in insurance in 1978, but was interrupted by marriage, kids, and grandkids, who are still the most important part of her life. She has now come full circle, and according to her: "It has been quite a ride. But getting there was half the fun."

Email: Caroline de Boer

Joyce Fung - Personal Insurance Specialist

It's personal for Joyce. She's been in the business for 30 years, crafting insurance solutions that make sense. If something happened and you had to make a claim, Joyce would move heaven and earth to make things right. Helping people, and keeping them safe and happy - that's the best part of her job.

Email: Joyce Fung

Laura Langille - Personal Insurance Specialist

Laura has been in the industry since 2008. She moved from Nova Scotia to broaden her life experiences and has enjoyed every minute. She started as a receptionist and progressed through hard work to her current position. Now she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Laura enjoys the level of responsibility of discussing and customizing the insurance needs of her clients. Outside of work she enjoys travelling and is Cornerstone’s ‘shoe’ aficionado.

Email: Laura Langille

Amy Singkhone - Commercial Account Manager

Amy believes that leaving your comfort zone is a great way to challenge yourself. Having spent most of her career as a registered massage therapist, she decided that it was time to do just that. She jumped into the insurance industry and has found it to be a rewarding challenge.

Amy loves her early mornings at the gym and cooking for her friends and family on the weekends. She certainly loves to "train to feast." Taking care of her health and wellness while also enjoying wonderful food creations.

Email: Amy Singkhone

Kevin Corus - Auditor

Insurance is in his blood so to speak; Kevin is the youngest son of owner Owen Corus. His career at Cornerstone began when he was just ten years old, working weekends to help clean the office and shred papers. He also assisted with the bookkeeping prior to receiving his insurance license in 2016.

Kevin has a degree in Kinesiology and is also a certified Emergency Medical Responder. He loves sports and spends his free time running or playing a game of basketball or slo-pitch.

Email: Kevin Corus

Tanya McPeak - New Business Specialist

Things have worked out very differently from what Tanya had imagined when she finished university. Her original plan was continue on to law school, but her life played out in a different way. Now, she’s a proud mother with a healthy obsession for rescuing (and keeping) animals. Born and raised in Edmonton, Tanya’s held many different positions in a variety of industries. The one thing that ties all of her experience together – she loves helping people. This is also why Tanya enjoys working for Cornerstone. She loves how grateful her clients are when she’s able to save them money. Great customer experience is something that drives her.

Email: Tanya McPeak

David Corus - Commercial Account Manager

Following in his father's footsteps, David decided to join the family business in 2014. He’s been involved with insurance for just over two years now and enjoys learning something new about the business each day. Always a team player; in his free time David can be found playing either slo-pitch or ball hockey.

He has a degree in Psychology and has also received his Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation from the University of Alberta.

Email: David Corus

Shelina Bhanji - New Business Specialist

After Completing her degree in Psychology, Shelina entered the world of business as a restauranteur. After 10 years of owning and operating her own business, She entered the insurance industry, all the while never letting go of her true passion: giving back to the community. As a member of the Aga Khan’s Women Board, Shelina runs a mentorship program for young girls to reach their highest potential and gives her time and effort to various  other charities.

Shelina’s top priorities in her life are her husband and young son. The three of them are a true hockey loving family who love to travel the world. If you’re searching for the right insurance coverage that fits you, your lifestyle and your family, Shelina is your “go to gal!

Email: Shelina Bhanji

Kirk Clavelle - New Business Specialist

Kirk has done a variety of things over the years: radio announcing, motorcycle detailing, academic researcher and now has found a home with insurance. The common denominator in his varied careers has always been providing strong customer service with a friendly attitude. This is why he feels so at home at Cornerstone. When he isn’t working he is listening to vinyl (Yes, it sounds better), exploring the river valley, hunting around thrift stores, or having a tea party with his niece.

Email: Kirk Clavelle

Bridget Millen - Broker Underwriter

Bridget's a keeper. She's been with Cornerstone from almost the very beginning, and we've been exceptionally lucky to have her. She started out as a service rep - helping clients, attending to their needs - and, right off the bat, she was a complete professional. People enjoyed dealing with her so much she actually developed a following.

Fast-forward two decades or so. Bridget has a unique position: in-house underwriter for the Peace Hills policies. It's a mountain of paper, and it's her job to make sure that every form is correct, in every respect.

Email: Bridget Millen

Shania Woudstra - Personal Insurance Specialist

Shania is new to the insurance world but is always up for a challenge. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, but moved to Edmonton in 2015 to start something new. Although she can be shy at times one of her favorite things to do is help people.

On the side Shania likes playing volleyball, travelling with friends and seeking out new adventures like when she spent time studying and travelling around Europe.

Email: Shania Woudstra

James Rutherford - Commercial Account Manager

James grew up on a farm in small town Saskatchewan before joining the family insurance brokerage in St. Walburg. Since then he has come a long way in becoming an expert in giving advice on how to best protect your business needs. A love of dogs and music means that you might spot him at the off leash area, or at a top nightclub playing guitars and various stringed instruments. According to James, "the best thing about insurance is how every commercial establishment is different from every other one".

Email: James Rutherford

Deborah Christensen - Receptionist

Deborah is very much a “people person” and truly believes that the first contact people have with Cornerstone Insurance should always be a positive one. Her years of teaching and positions involved with being that initial contact with customers have developed those skills.

Deborah loves to meet and assist people, when she is not busy with her family activities. She enjoys sharing her love of Zumba, encouraging and assisting people of all ages and fitness levels to have fun while developing a healthier lifestyle.

Email: Deborah Christensen

Michelle Phosavanh - Manager Personal Service

Michelle takes Cornerstone’s philosophy of ‘working for you, not the insurance company’ to heart.  Starting in sales, and now in management, her goal has never changed - to make sure that our clients have the insurance coverage they need to protect the things they really care about.  Our clients can rest easy knowing Michelle is on their side.

Email: Michelle Phosavanh

Gilles Wilvers - Certified Financial Planner ® - Abacus Wealth Management

Gilles spent a rewarding 25 year career helping people build their dream homes as the Manager of a top Home Improvement Retailer, and then renewed his passion for helping people in his new career as a Financial Advisor. Now he gets to help clients build their financial future every day.

With a world of education and training over the last 8 years, as well as a wealth of financial products and strategies to help clients with all their financial goals and dreams, Gilles would love an opportunity to meet with you and help you build your financial future.

Email: Gilles Wilvers

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