Where to Find Snowmobile Insurance in Alberta

Here in Alberta, winter means cold, snow, and ice. Winter is the season many of us try to avoid because who wants to be outdoors at -30 degrees Celcius or -45 with the windchill? Fortunately, these days are extreme and not the norm. There are plenty of milder winter days which are perfect for getting outdoors for winter activities. One winter activity that Albertans who love adventure choose to participate in is snowmobiling.

Snowmobiling has become one of the most popular winter pastimes in Alberta. The Alberta Snowmobile Association conservatively estimates 140,000 snowmobiles currently active in Alberta. There is nothing quite like carving a fresh trail on a pristine snowscape with a quiet winter wonderland all around you. However, before you take your sled out for the season, it’s important to make sure it’s properly registered and insured. 

How to Register a Snowmobile in Alberta

In Alberta, if you’re only driving your snowmobile on your private property, you don’t need to register the vehicle, but as soon as you drive on public land, you need a registration. To register your snowmobile, you must have a class 5 license along with public liability and property damage insurance. You’ll also want to have a membership with the Alberta Snowmobile Association to help support the maintenance of the public trails and your local club. 

Safety First

While driving a snowmobile may seem straightforward, there are some important safety tips that could save your life when out on the trails or open fields. If you are new to the world of snowmobiling, it is a good idea to attend a safety class. The Safe Riders! Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program provides educational awareness about safe snowmobiling practices for drivers of all experience levels. You’ll learn tips on how to prepare for a snowmobile ride, how to avoid hazards in the surrounding environment, to identify the parts of your machine and how to maintain it. For extreme scenarios, they also provide education on what to do in an emergency and how to survive extreme conditions. Even if you’ve been snowmobiling all your life, it’s always useful to refresh your knowledge. 

What Is the Minimum Coverage for Snowmobile Insurance?

To legally snowmobile on public property in Alberta, you need a class 5 driver’s license, snowmobile registration, and minimum insurance. Your snowmobile registration needs to be renewed annually with proof of insurance. While there are different types of insurance for off-road and recreational vehicles, for snowmobiles in Alberta, liability insurance of $200,000 is the bare minimum requirement. While this may be the minimum legal amount, your health, safety, and financial security require more. At Cornerstone, we never insure liability under $1 million because we want our clients to have peace of mind and steadfast support in the event of an injury, accident, damage to property, or worse. Third-party liability insurance protects you in the case of injury to a third party or damage to their person or their property. At Cornerstone, $1 million is the minimum coverage, and we always recommend $2 million to give you adequate protection when you’ll need it most. 

Is Additional Coverage Available for Snowmobiles?

While it is the law to obtain minimum liability coverage, it is highly recommended to look into other options as well. Similar to car insurance, most insurance companies will offer different levels of coverage for snowmobiles. It is highly recommended to invest in coverage for fire and theft to protect your snowmobile while it is in storage or is not being used. Vandalism coverage is another level of insurance to consider for both in-season use and off-season storage. 

In addition to protecting your snowmobile while it is not in use, other coverage options can boost your coverage all year round. One option is to increase your liability coverage to $2 million, especially if you are riding with passengers. No one wants to think about the unthinkable happening, which is why it’s a strategic idea to increase your liability coverage. Life doesn’t always go the way we plan, which is why it is so important to have the best insurance coverage possible for all the important things in life. 

How Your Rates are Calculated

Snowmobile insurance rates are calculated based on a few different factors. First, we assess your risk level by reviewing your driving record.

Then we factor in the make, model, and age of your snowmobile as well as the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for your specific machine. For a more accurate idea of insurance costs, you can request your free snowmobile insurance quote from our insurance brokers online or book a meeting with us to go over your options in person. 

Why Work With an Insurance Broker?

No one likes calling insurance companies, waiting on hold, and trying to remember all the right questions to ask. With an insurance broker, you can save yourself hours of needless phone calls and google searches. At Cornerstone, we are experts at comparing quotes and insurance products. We have the expertise needed to ensure your coverage matches your needs. We’ll not only find the best rate for you, but we also know where you can save by bundling your insurance. If you already have home insurance or car insurance, our insurance advisors can work with your provider to get a discount on additional services. Cornerstone Insurance works with many different providers to bring you the best option for your coverage and save you the hassle of calling multiple companies to compare rates and coverage options. 

Snowmobile Insurance Providers in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

Snowmobiling in Alberta can be as casual or as serious as you’d like it to be. There are many Alberta snowmobile clubs and associations that you can join, memberships you can buy, and events to participate in. Whether you are interested in a casual day out or a season of intense activity, you need to ensure the legal requirements are being met. 

Once you have the legalities covered, you can add in the extras that fit your needs and budget. Finding a provider is the easy part because there are so many choices for insurance providers in the Edmonton area. Deciding which provider is best and which coverage will be most worthwhile is where things can get confusing. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Get your insurance coverage now so you can get the most out of this sledding season. 

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