What You Should Know About Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta

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July 31, 2022

For the safety of all Albertans, insuring your motorcycle is a must. Accidents occur, and making sure you are covered for any future mishaps can make life a lot easier. Motorcycle insurance keeps your mind at ease while you ride so you can focus on the open road. 

In 2020 alone, there were 20 crashes involving motorcycles in Alberta. Cornerstone is here to ensure you are prepared for any situation.

Understanding Your Policy Options

What is Basic Coverage? 

Motorcycle insurance, similar to auto insurance, helps you deal with damages to your motorcycle, as well as any injuries or liabilities resulting from an accident or incident.

Basic coverage on a motorcycle insurance policy may include third-party liability, collision, comprehensive coverage, and accident benefits. 

Third-party liability is the policy that protects you from any accident claims against you. Accident claims may end in lawsuits and legal proceedings. Without insurance, fees can add up quickly. Third-party liability will guarantee you won’t have to pay it all out of pocket, allowing some stress relief during an already stressful situation.

Collision coverage comes into action when your motorcycle is involved with a collision with another object, be it another vehicle, a lamp post, a sign, or a tree.

Comprehensive coverage focuses on events that occur outside of direct vehicle collisions. For example, if your motorcycle is scratched while parked or damaged in hail, collision coverage will protect you. Many events can happen to your motorcycle, such as natural disasters, vandalism, and theft.

Accident benefits will cover the prolonged costs that may occur after an accident. In Alberta, this can include medical treatments, surgeries, physiotherapy, etc.  

What other options can you add on?

In addition to basic coverage, there are a range of other options that you can choose to add to your policy. Your insurance broker will ask you specific questions about how you drive and store your motorcycle to see which of these may be beneficial for you:  

  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Guaranteed replacement cost coverage
  • Loss of use coverage
  • Family protection
  • Increased sound and electronic equipment coverage
  • Personal protective equipment coverage
  • Property damage

Affordable Insurance for All – Other Options for Motorcycle Insurance

Different types of insurance will cover all experience levels and all motorcycle drivers. Let’s look at a few types of insurance that are outside the typical policies we provide for motorcycle drivers.

Pleasure Driving

If your motorcycle is not your main form of transportation or if you drive on weekends close to home for fun, then your motorcycle is used for recreation. The pleasure driving policy will likely offer a more affordable price for your specific insurance needs.


If you enjoy taking in the beautiful sites across Alberta, Canada, or beyond the borders, touring might be the right policy for you. This policy will cover you everywhere you go, so you can enjoy the long highways of Canada and beyond. You’ll be able to adventure freely with the relief of knowing you are covered beyond any borders. 


If your motorcycle is your main source of transportation (i.e. if it gets you to and from your workplace), then the commuting class would be the appropriate choice for you. Commuting will cover everything under the pleasure driving policy, including your daily rides to work. It’s important to know your mileage for commuting to ensure you get the right policy and price.

How to Get Assessed for Motorcycle Insurance

The first step in gaining motorcycle insurance is to visit your local insurance brokers in Edmonton. A broker can help you navigate the many complex policies for motorcycle insurance. With a broker involved, finding what classes, policies, and add-ons you need is no longer overwhelming. They will make finding affordable prices for your individualized experience easier. 

Additionally, an insurance broker will guide you through the numerous insurance companies and find the best rates for you. Comparing these insurance companies can help you save money. Each insurance company will have different rates for different kinds of insurance. A broker breaks down which insurance policies are best for you and where to find the most affordable rates.. 

Even if you don’t want to switch insurance companies, comparing is still beneficial. Depending on the insurance company, it’s possible for your broker to use a comparison to leverage a better price. 

The Benefits of Motorcycle Insurance

There are many benefits to motorcycle insurance. You can enjoy your motorcycle and have peace of mind that while you are on and off the road, you are covered. Plus, you won’t have to think about the large looming bill if something were ever to happen; your insurance will protect you. 

If you are even in a fatal accident, you can bundle your motorcycle insurance with life insurance. Keeping your loved ones taken care of after a tragic accident can relieve unnecessary stress and pain. 

Finally, any damages that occur during an accident will be covered by your insurance. There’s no need to break the bank over damages, and no need to stress. 

Why You Should Work With an Insurance Broker

A broker can make the journey of researching and choosing an insurance company a painless experience. They will be there to assist you every step of the way, answer any questions you might have, and help you find the best policies for your needs. 

Not only do they make the process of finding the right policy for you, but when it’s time to file a claim, your insurance broker will be there to assist. Filing claims can be an overwhelming process, especially after something as stressful as an accident. A broker is there to help with paperwork, educate you about the process, and negotiate on your behalf.

If you have questions about your policy coverage or if you are looking into other insurance policies, a broker is there to answer at any point. The insurance brokers at Cornerstone are always ready for your questions about any of your insurance needs, whether it’s your motorcycle policy, home policy, or commercial insurance policy

Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance in Alberta

The weather is hot, the roads are open, and the season for motorcycles is here. Whether it’s your first time applying, you want to find competitive pieces, or you simply have questions and want to look over your existing policies, Cornerstone Insurance is here for you. Contact our knowledgeable insurance brokers today and start shopping for motorcycle insurance.

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