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Why We Choose to Work with Wawanesa Life


Wawanesa Life is a subsidiary of Wawanesa Insurance. Their focus is solely on people-centred plans, including health and life coverage, as well as group benefits for businesses. Since Wawanesa Life only handles these specific policies, we can get highly tailored expertise and options for our clients. They’re seasoned vets when it comes to customizing their options to suit different needs, which is great since no two lives look the same.

Additionally, Wawanesa has the strength of many years of experience behind them, as well as trusted financial stability. They have operations across Canada and have been serving Albertans with essential insurance solutions for many decades.


Individual Life Insurance

Wawanesa Life has permanent and temporary life insurance plans for individuals. Their permanent plans include whole life insurance and instant issue life insurance for people aged 45-75. Their temporary life insurance plans include term life insurance, lifetime term insurance, and quick issue critical illness insurance.

They also have three separate lines of life insurance to cater directly to different circumstances since everyone’s journey is so unique.

Wawanesa Life’s individual life insurance products for families cover funeral and final expenses, mortgage or rent payments, education costs for your children, and survivor’s income.

Their business life insurance products cover funding for buy and sell agreements, the creation of equitable distributions for families, funding for estate planning, key person protection, and collateral insurance.

Finally, their special needs options cover unique requirements, including bequests to charities, maximization of retirement income, and financial impacts for surviving a critical illness.

Group Insurance & Benefits for Employee/Employer Groups


Taking care of a business means taking care of employees. Wawanesa is a great resource for life, health, and disability insurance, as well as group benefit plans. Their options for employers can bundle a full range of products depending on your needs, including:

       Group life insurance

       Group disability insurance

       Critical illness features

       Extended health insurance

       Dental benefits

       Cost-plus benefits

       Health spending accounts

Learn More About Wawanesa Life

If you’re looking toward your future and wondering which life and health insurance provider is going to take care of you and your family, get in touch with Cornerstone Insurance brokers. We can provide you with multiple policy and premium options for life insurance and other health-related policies. Our dedicated commercial brokers can also help businesses plan for the wellbeing of their employees, which leads to better business continuity. Get in touch for advice, to review your current policies, or to get more information about the benefits of life insurance.

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