Three Reasons to Bundle Your Insurance With a Broker

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March 31, 2021

Shopping for insurance can feel overwhelming. At a glance, comparing insurance companies can feel like comparing white paint chips; there might be dozens of different options, but as far as you’re concerned, they’re all the same. So, how do you make a decision when it’s tough to see the nuances between the options? 

A painting expert would help you choose by showing you how paint colours appear different depending on the lighting of the room and help you determine your needs based on what you are painting (i.e. kitchen cupboards vs. a bedroom wall). Insurance brokers can do the same for you with insurance policy options. They’ll help you determine what coverage you need, then find a provider that offers the right match at the right price. 

Insurance brokers will also share inside tips that you don’t know about, such as special discounts for bundling policies. After all, if you don’t know it exists, you don’t know to ask for it! This is where insurance brokers step in and help you out. We know how to compare policies and ask the right questions to get the best possible prices for clients. 

Why Bundle Your Insurance?

If you live in Alberta and drive a vehicle, you must have a minimum of basic automobile insurance that covers accident benefits and third-party liability. Most homeowners also need home insurance in order to obtain a mortgage. This means that, at a minimum, you’ll need two policies if you own a car and home. Bundled insurance policies allow you to get both types of insurance through a single insurer, but for a discounted price. 

Other types of insurance can also be bundled depending on the specific insurer who underwrites your policies. For example, you may be able to bundle policies such as motorcycle or ATV insurance, RV insurance, condo insurance, tenant insurance, or even life insurance.

Three Benefits of Working With an Insurance Broker for Bundled Policy Packages

1. Stress-Free Insurance Shopping

Working with an insurance broker can save you time, money, and stress when you are choosing your policies. Even getting quotes for a single type of insurance policy can be a runaround, but when you are shopping for bundled policies, it can become even more complex.

When you bundle or package your insurance policies through an insurance broker in Edmonton, you’ll be able to rely on your broker to shop specifically for bundled options. He or she may even be able to help you add a new policy to your current policies with a specific insurer, getting you a bundled rate without having to move your other policy to a new insurer. 

2. Inside Insurance Tips

Insurance brokers can access perks that you might not even know about, such as affordable auto insurance coverage for new drivers and coverage for hard-to-insure drivers. On top of that, we often work with insurance companies that offer solutions exclusively through brokers, giving you more options. 

An insurance broker can give you advice on how to minimize your risk and lower your insurance premiums, whether it’s an immediate step you can take or a long-term plan. Beyond discounts for bundled policies, insurance brokers can also apply and request other types of discounts and savings you qualify for. For example, some home insurance discounts are offered for:

  • Having an alarm system installed.
  • Going for a certain amount of time without filing a claim.
  • Living in a gated community.
  • Being a loyal, long-time client.
  • Owning your house without a mortgage. 
  • Purchasing a new home. 

Insurance brokers can also advise you on the factors that may increase your home insurance premiums, such as proximity to water, distance from fire hydrants, age and condition of your roof, and more. Plus, we can find insurance discounts based on affiliations and associations, such as alumni programs. Keep in mind that there are plenty of ways we can help you save on your insurance!

3. The Convenience Factor

The convenience of working with an insurance broker should not be underestimated; a broker can save you hours of headaches both in shopping for policies, looking for discounts, and even filing claims.

When you package your policies using a broker, you’ve created a one-stop experience. That means that whenever you have questions about your coverage, need a new policy, or need to file a claim, all you need to do is call or email your broker for personalized advice and service. 

Let’s See if You’re Eligible for Bundled Discounts!

If you have multiple insurance policies but you aren’t taking advantage of bundling discounts, now is a great time to look at how you could potentially rework your coverage. By looking at your options, we could potentially optimize your coverage while also securing you a discounted rate. It doesn’t always make sense to bundle, but in some cases, it can be very worthwhile! Bring us your existing policies (wherever they are from), and we will give you an honest outline of your options and costs for bundling. 

When you shop with Cornerstone Insurance Brokers, you can stop using Google to find answers about your insurance solutions! Simply call or email your broker, and they’ll respond promptly. If you’re looking for insurance or simply want to compare bundled insurance rates, visit our website to get a free quote for your home insurance, vehicle insurance, ATV insurance, and more! 

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