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Why We Choose to Work with Premier Canada

We know the importance of having a team of experts backing up your business and investments. Expert service is one of the main reasons we work with Premier Canada for your insurance needs. They have excellent underwriters who are highly qualified and specialized in their own division of insurance.

If you have difficult risks or need hard-to-find policies, Premier’s specialized insurance solutions will probably be a first stop for Cornerstone Insurance brokers. 

Premier Canada is also the parent company of one of our specialized marine insurers, Oceanic Underwriters Ltd. They provide insurance for watercraft and commercial marine applications.


Commercial Insurance Products

The advantage of Premier’s commercial policies is their application to hard-to-place industries and businesses. If you have unusual risk factors, Premier likely has unique (and ideal) options for you. Thanks to our relationship with Premier, we can help you find: 

  • Commercial liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Errors and omissions coverage
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Environmental liability
  • Commercial marine insurance
  • Contractor liability coverage
  • Builder’s risk
  • Prize indemnity, such as hole in one insurance
  • Drone and UAV coverage
  • Daycare facility coverage
  • Hobbies and clubs coverage
  • Vacant land insurance
  • Adventure, tourism, and amateur sporting
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Cyber liability
  • Event liability

Their professional liability and commercial liability policies can be tailored to many businesses, practices, and professions, including:

       IT professionals

       Media and marketing professionals

       Financial planners, accountants, and mortgage brokers

       Insurance brokers and agents

       Hairstylists and salons

       Tattoo and piercing parlours

       Medical practices

       Architects and engineers

       Tanning salons

       Adventure and tourism-based businesses

    Personal Insurance Coverage

    Personal insurance from Premier Canada is a breeze to set up, even when you face unusual circumstances. Their specialty insurance options for homes are perfect for those with real estate investments of all kinds. Premier offers personal lines such as:

           Pleasurecraft marine insurance

           RV and recreational trailer insurance

           Condo insurance

           Tenant insurance

           Personal umbrella coverage

           Seasonal dwelling coverage

           Student housing coverage

           Mobile home coverage

           Vacant home insurance

           Hard to place home insurance

           High-value home insurance

           Short-term rental home insurance

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      We work with vetted insurance companies in Canada to bring you the best options and complete peace of mind. Our specialty insurers bring added value to the table by ensuring we can help virtually any person or business with their insurance needs. If you’re having trouble finding a policy that fits, visit our team of brokers at Cornerstone Insurance.


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