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PAL Insurance – Wedding and Event Insurance


Why We Choose to Work with PAL Insurance

Event planning is unpredictable at best. There are plenty of circumstances that are difficult to plan for, which is why the talented underwriters at PAL Insurance are so valuable in the event insurance industry.

PAL stands for “Party Alcohol Liability.” They’ve been focusing on event liability insurance and other forms of event insurance for decades. They’re also able to cover specific events, hosts, vendors, properties, and prize indemnity.

PAL Insurance is a Canadian-based company that was founded with a goal of finding solutions for niche insurance markets. In fact, they’re headquartered in Alberta, with head offices in Calgary. They also have plenty of family members working there, which resonates well with our local Edmonton insurance brokerage.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering with family and friends or you’re a commercial event planner with thousands of expected guests, PAL Insurance is our most trusted source of special event insurance in Canada.


Commercial Applications

When it comes to large gatherings, there is always likely to be some kind of liability risk involved. Commercial event insurance protects the businesses and people that work hard behind the scenes on a big day, including policies such as:

  • Party alcohol liability
  • Host liquor liability
  • Event cancellation coverage
  • ATM & vending machine insurance
  • Prize indemnity, including hole in one and Hockey Score insurance
  • Coverage for graduation events and safe grads
  • Trade show exhibitors and commercial kiosks
  • Special events liability

Events are always built around people, and people can make mistakes or become liable for certain actions. For that reason, PAL also offers specific coverage for vendors and event participants, including:

  • Caterer insurance
  • Server insurance
  • Vendor and display insurance
  • Performer insurance
  • Event planner insurance

    Individual Insurance Applications

    If you’re planning a wedding, family reunion, or other local event, PAL Insurance has solutions to protect you, including:

    • Party alcohol liability
    • Event cancellation coverage
    • Wedding insurance (Weddinguard), including wedding cancellation and rehearsal dinners

    Many of the policies we can source from PAL Insurance cover items such as loss of deposit, general liability coverage, and alcohol-related incidents. Be sure to get your hands on insurance coverage if you’ll be serving alcohol at an event of any size.

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      Whether you’re planning a bass-pounding music festival or a quiet wedding ceremony, we have great policy options for you at Cornerstone Insurance in Edmonton. We’d be happy to tell you more about the insurance companies we work with and how to get insurance policies that cover all your bases.


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      At Cornerstone Insurance, we understand how important it is to cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s when it comes to event planning. If you’re in need of robust event insurance to give you peace of mind while planning an event or wedding, reach out to our experienced insurance brokers to get a quote and put your policy in place. It might just be the easiest part of planning your event!


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