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Oceanic Underwriters – Marine and Boat Insurance

Why We Choose to Work with Oceanic Underwriters

Although insurers with a wide range of options are great to have on board, we also need niche products for our clients’ highly specific needs. When it comes to marine and boat insurance, that’s Oceanic Underwriters.

Working with experts is always the best way to ensure complete coverage. This is a company that has specialized experience in everything to do with water sports and commercial marine operations. They also offer a unique range of products for recreational, sports, and tourism businesses and facilities. 

They’re Canadian-based (in Vancouver, not surprisingly) and have been around for more than a few decades, gaining specialized experience in their niche.


Commercial Insurance Options 

Oceanic Underwriters offers commercial marine insurance for a wide range of applications. If you work on the water or deal with watercraft, you’re likely to find a policy to fit your needs. Some of their coverage includes:

  • Marinas, boat dealers, ship repairers
  • Yacht clubs
  • Sailing clubs
  • Small independent marine trades
  • Commercial marine liabilities
  • Commercial Hull and P&I
  • Oceanic/air cargo 


Pleasurecraft Insurance

It’s essential to insure your recreational vehicles, and that includes those that you bring to the lake or dock in a marina. Through their parent company, Premier Marine, Oceanic Underwriters offers pleasurecraft insurance for all your boats and water toys. From sailboats to yachts to Sea-Doos and jet boats, you can get great boat insurance coverage in case of loss or damage or liability while you’re out on the water (or storing or travelling).


Amateur Sports Insurance


Oceanic Underwriters offers SPORTSguard, which can cover players based on their association, team, location, or event. There are also specific policies for non-contact hockey and paintball. These are typically commercial policies that are used by sports and recreation centres, sports associations, or for events like tournaments.


Adventure, Tourism & Recreation Insurance

Another specific type of commercial insurance that Oceanic Underwriters offers caters to adventure and tourism-based businesses. There are policies for guided tours, associations and governing bodies for guide certification, HELICAT skiing, and general property coverage.

Learn More About Oceanic Underwriters

At Cornerstone Insurance, we work with an impressive roster of specialized insurance companies. If you want to find out more about marine insurance, boat insurance, or any other type of specialized insurance in Canada, chat with our insurance brokers at Cornerstone Insurance. We’ve already shopped the market for you to bring you the best insurance companies to cover all your needs. After we walk through your custom assessment, we’ll have you ready to head out on the water or get back to business.

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