Our Top Tips to Help You Plan an Epic Event in 2022 (Plus, What You Should Know About Event Insurance)

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December 30, 2021

Are you planning an event for 2022? Are you finally hosting that fundraiser, tournament, or ceremony you’ve delayed due to the pandemic? Maybe you had to reschedule your wedding or family reunion or chose to wait until this year to bring your friends and family together. Whatever your reason for planning your event, at Cornerstone Insurance, we want your event to be memorable and safe for everyone. 

Under the best of circumstances, event planning is a big undertaking. Whether this is your first fundraiser or you’re the go-to host in your family, we have five tips to help make event planning smoother. 

Plan The Best Event Possible in 2022

From weddings to anniversaries to holiday markets, your event requires careful planning. Here are five simple tips to help support that planning. 

Give Yourself Time

When planning for an event, it’s impossible to start planning too soon. Your big date will arrive faster than you expect, no matter how early you start. Often venues, caterers, liquor licenses, and insurance providers require advanced booking.

Use a Timeline

A timeline is helpful to keep you and your planning team on track. You’ll want to include all your essential deadlines and expected delivery dates and times for supplies, food, flowers, etc. It might also be helpful to mark last-minute dates for any changes that could arise before an event. For example, if your venue has a cancellation date for getting your deposit back, write it down!


We recommend finding a team to help you plan and organize your event. Even for small gatherings, having a collaborator will make the process far less stressful. Delegate is the key word to remember for successful event planning.

Stick to a Budget

Sticking to a budget is every event planner’s goal. In 2022, creating budgets might require a bit of extra flexibility due to uncertain supply chains and shipping delays. Your best strategy is to set out a baseline budget, and allow some wiggle room for changes and plan for items that can be adjusted or dropped if need be. 

Get Event Liability Insurance

If you’re hosting an event, whether it’s a public event or private gathering, you’ll want to have insurance coverage to protect the organizers if something unexpected happens. Anytime you gather a large group of people, accidents can occur, especially if you’re serving alcohol. Your local insurance broker can help you find the best insurance coverage for your event to keep you protected.

When to Purchase Special Event Insurance 

Short-term event liability insurance helps protect you against the unexpected. At Cornerstone Insurance, we recommend calling our brokers about event insurance a couple of weeks in advance to ensure you have the right coverage in place on time. 

You may be wondering what qualifies as a special event. Most public events can be covered by insurance, with a few exceptions. It’s always best to discuss your event and your needs with an insurance broker to determine the options available to you.

The most common events that require insurance are:

  • weddings and receptions
  • music festivals
  • street parties
  • conventions
  • tournaments
  • camps
  • rodeos
  • craft shows
  • holiday parties
  • reunions
  • award ceremonies
  • fundraisers

Why You Need Event Coverage

As you plan for your upcoming event, we recommend adding insurance coverage to the top of your list of things to arrange in advance of your special occasion. Event insurance will help you feel more relaxed, knowing you have coverage if the unpredictable happens. Your insurance can offer coverage if a guest falls and is injured during your event. It can also help protect you from charges related to property damage. Think of extreme messes, a broken fixture, or worse. In any case, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

What Does Event Coverage Protect?

Event liability insurance offers valuable protection against several different types of incidents, depending on the kind of event you’re hosting and the level of coverage you need. Policies may include:

  • commercial general liability
  • third-party property damage
  • bodily injury
  • medical payment
  • non-owned auto
  • food and beverage product coverage
  • cross-liability
  • employees or volunteers
  • tenant’s legal liability
  • host liquor liability
  • property extension

Many event insurance providers require you to apply within a specific time frame before the date. It’s best to discuss your timeline with your insurance broker ahead of time.

In addition to covering traditional events, special event insurance can also protect vendors. If you’re planning to book a booth or kiosk at a fair, market, mall, or other temporary location, we recommend discussing your options with an insurance broker. Event liability insurance can help protect you in the event of customer injuries, employee or volunteer incidents, or property damage.

Consult an Insurance Broker for Insurance Coverage

Consulting an insurance broker helps take the work off your shoulders. Our insurance brokers will diligently shop around the various event insurance providers to find you the best match for your budget and event details. If you have any questions or concerns about your coverage, your insurance broker is happy to answer. We’re also here to help make the claims process hassle-free if you need to use your coverage. Let us provide some extra peace of mind so you can focus on running your spectacular event. 

Additional Insurance Tips

If you plan on serving alcohol at your event, we recommend getting the alcohol license a couple of weeks before your event or as soon as the time limit allows you. 

We also recommend applying for the event insurance two or three weeks before the event to complete the rest of your planning with confidence. 

One more proactive suggestion is to reach out to guests who have mobility issues and plan to accommodate their needs ahead of time. Not only will you make them feel more comfortable at your event, but you’ll be providing a safer set-up for everyone involved. 

Event Liability Insurance Coverage in Edmonton

If you’re in the market for event liability insurance, reach out to one of our brokers to get your insurance quote. We’ll research to compare insurance quotes and find you the right coverage for your event at the right price. Even though your coverage is short-term, we can still find you the best coverage possible from our dozens of insurance providers. Contact Cornerstone Insurance today so you can plan your event with less stress!

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