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Hagerty Insurance – Classic Car Insurance 

Why We Choose to Work with Hagerty Insurance

When classic and valuable cars are your passion, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to protect them. You’re an expert when it comes to your vehicles, so you need experts to secure you the right insurance coverage. Hagerty has car specialists on staff, plus all kinds of tools to get an accurate valuation.

Hagerty Canada takes standard auto insurance to the next level. They insure classic, specialty, and high-value vehicles.

Hagerty is passionate about cars, and it shows. Much like we’re not “just an insurance brokerage,” they’re not “just an insurance company.” They’ve built an entire community of car lovers, and we love to see that dedication going into insurance.

Types of Vehicles Covered by Hagerty

      • Collector and classic cars
      • Collector trucks and SUVs
      • Collector vehicles from after 1980
      • Limited edition cars
      • Exotic cars
      • Supercars
      • Insurance for modified cars
      • Military vehicles
      • Retired commercial vehicles
      • Car trailers
      • Antique tractors and classic tractors
      • Vehicles currently under construction
      • Antique cars

The Benefits of Using Hagerty 

Since Hagerty specializes in insuring non-commuter vehicles, you get to enjoy the benefits of low premiums each year; however, when you do want to take your car out for a show or race, you’ll still have full coverage. Plus, there aren’t any mileage restrictions, so you can drive your car as much as you want (just as long as it’s not every day!)


Storage Coverage

Whether you choose to store your vehicle in a private storage unit, your garage, or outdoors, there are various storage coverage options available to you.


Choose Your Repair Shop

Hagerty also understands that you’ll want to have full control over where your repairs are completed. You can even choose to complete your repairs yourself with full coverage paid out.


Custom Roadside Assistance

Finally, you get the benefits of being a member of the Hagerty Drivers Club, which offers full roadside assistance tailored to classic cars.


Guaranteed Value 

Although many insurers pay the stated value or actual cash value for specialty vehicles, Hagerty pays guaranteed value for total losses. That means you won’t suffer from depreciation.


Valuation Tools 

With Hagerty, you won’t need an appraisal of your car. Instead, we’ll use valuation tools to help you create a custom insurance plan for each of your vehicles. Call Cornerstone Insurance to find out more about the Hagerty valuation tools and how we can help you with the process to ensure your policy is completely accurate.


Learn More About Classic Car Insurance

Do you have questions about classic car insurance? Maybe you’re not sure about your car’s valuation, or what will be covered, which is why we’re here to help. If you need a full rundown on what to expect, reach out to the insurance experts at Cornerstone Insurance.

Get a Free Insurance Quote for Your High-Value or Classic Car

If cars are your cherished hobby, they deserve a custom policy that reflects the care you put into them. Get in touch to get your free insurance quote from Cornerstone insurance. We’ll connect you with a broker who’s just as passionate about cars as you are.

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