Spring has finally arrived in Edmonton (late is better than never!) Local eateries across the city are dusting off patio chairs and breathing new life into their menus in preparation for a busy summer season. At Cornerstone, when we aren’t helping owners find restaurant insurance in Edmonton, we’re out enjoying our incredible local eateries too. You might even spot your local Cornerstone Insurance broker sipping a latte at Little Brick Cafe or having a lunch meeting over savoury waffles at Under the High Wheel. 

While everyone can enjoy the results of a restaurant’s hard work, there’s more to serving excellent food than meets the eye. Although always rewarding, it can be a tough business to be in. It takes guts to open a restaurant. To all the local restaurant owners out there who are working hard at it, we salute you!

There are plenty of potential risks to protect against in the restaurant business, which means restaurants in Edmonton have unique insurance needs. 

Before we dive in, let’s find out: Do you need insurance for your restaurant? 

Types of restaurants that need insurance: 

  • Cafes & coffee shops 
  • Family and fine dining restaurants 
  • Buffets
  • Restaurant franchises
  • Gastropubs
  • Food trucks and food stalls

The takeaway – If you sell food or drinks to be consumed on location, you need restaurant insurance in Edmonton!


Often, restaurant insurance is the last thing business owners or operators are thinking about when starting out. There may be renovations, menu planning, recruitment and training, and many other tasks to be done first. Or, if you already have insurance, it might seem easier to renew with your current provider.

The truth is, you have a lot of options, because there are a lot of components to restaurant insurance. Working with broker who can source the best options for you from multiple insurers often saves time, money, and stress in the event of a claim. 


When you think about all the hazards in a restaurant, they add up fast! Here are just a few of the main incidents that can happen, making it important to source your restaurant insurance from a qualified broker. 


One part of restaurant insurance is general liability insurance. Liability insurance for restaurants is important in case anyone slips and falls on the premises, or is otherwise hurt or injured. There are a few factors involved in determining whether a restaurant is liable after a fall. Usually, a claim will have to be filed. When that happens, you can call your local Cornerstone Insurance broker directly to get more information about liability, and if necessary, easily file the claim. 

Another way to protect your restaurant – keep floors clean and put out “wet floor” signs after mopping.


No one intends to dole out food poisoning alongside gourmet eats at their restaurant, but incidents can happen even amidst stringent food safety measures. Medical care for those affected, like this Edmonton woman who had to have her appendix removed after contracting Salmonella from a food booth at Edmonton Folk Fest, is one cost that could arise. 

Another way to protect your restaurant – Regularly train employees in safe food-handling procedures.


Fires are all too common in restaurants. It’s one of the most major risks you’ll face, and an event that has caused devastation for more than one Edmonton restaurateur. Fires themselves can cause property damage, loss of assets, loss of income, and even loss of life.

Restaurant fires can be caused by: 

  • Cooking fires (including grease fires, which are difficult to put out)
  • Unsafe or unclean “hood fans” or other equipment
  • Arson 
  • Gas leaks 
  • Spreading fires from nearby businesses

And, if you think lightning doesn’t strike twice, read about this Edmonton restaurant hit with 2 fires in as many days!

Another way to protect your restaurant from fires – ensure all employees are trained in fire safety and know how to put out a grease fire. 


As an insurance brokerage, we have a wide range of access to top insurers in Alberta, including well-known insurers like Wawanesa Insurance, Intact Insurance, and Peace Hills Insurance. That means better selection, with a wider range of pricing, policy options, and perks. There’s a reason Cornerstone clients never face trouble alone, and that’s because we’re not just crunching numbers and signing documents. We are Edmontonians helping other Edmontonians grow and succeed. 

For a convenient restaurant insurance quote, get in touch with an experienced Cornerstone commercial insurance broker. If you’re looking for a better insurance experience, we can walk through your current insurance policy with you and find options to save you money, time, or even your livelihood! 

Do you own multiple restaurants in Edmonton? 

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers is a trusted resource for restaurant owners in Edmonton, Alberta. We want to develop lasting relationships. We know the importance of customer service, and that’s how we keep our customers coming back – just like you!

For multi-talented entrepreneurs, we also offer a wide range of insurance options, including:

  •  Business insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Home business insurance
  • Edmonton Insurance for Restaurants 
  • Vehicle insurance

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