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Unassisted, most small businesses won't survive a serious mishap. They can't afford anything like significant income interruption, property loss, or litigation. So, if you're a business owner, your work's cut out. You not only have to watch your bottom line – you have to watch everything else besides. You have to plan for every eventuality, and that means insurance.

When it comes to proper coverage however, every business is as different as chalk and cheese. There are no cookie-cutter solutions. Determining what's appropriate requires in-depth knowledge and thorough understanding. That's our approach. We study up, analyzing your priorities and challenges, and considering every asset, liability, and risk.

What We Offer

In the end, we'll provide you with a solid, tailor-made, common sense plan. We'll temper it with a measure of sage advice - how to minimize risk and lower your premiums. And, if something should go wrong, there's always the Cornerstone promise: our clients never face trouble alone. We'll be there to help you and your business through, every step of the way, guaranteed.

By the way – if we write up your commercial policy, we can also offer you discounted quotes your home and auto polcies. Plus, we'll send you a cheque for $35 if we write another policy as a thank you for trusting us with all your insurance needs. 

Finding the Right Policy 

Commercial insurance policies can be confusing. We're here to take the work and stress out of finding the right policy to cover you for any mishaps. Our experienced commercial brokers are familiar with the different types of policies, and will be able to explain exactly what you need and why. 

If you already have a commercial insurance policy, that's okay! We can still help you. Please feel free to have a Cornerstone Insurance expert review your commercial insurance or business insurance at any time. We can make sure you understand your coverage, and help you learn how to lower premiums in the future. 

The Cornerstone Experience 

At Cornerstone, we do commercial insurance a little differently. We act as a support system for our clients. Call us today to give the Cornerstone Experience a try for yourself!

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