In Alberta, auto insurance is a necessity. If you wish to operate an automobile in Alberta, you must have third-party liability insurance.

Liability insurance for vehicles protects the general public from any injury or property damage resulting from an accident. We typically recommend a minimum $2M liability policy to protect you from ruinous lawsuits. Settlements of a-million-plus dollars are not as rare as you might think.

In addition to the required liability insurance, there are a range of options to protect you from losses and accidents. Cornerstone Insurance offers policy options that range from extended glass coverage, to collision, to first time driver policies. No matter who you are, what you drive, and where you’re driving, you should always be protected. Find your best auto insurance in Alberta with the help of experienced auto insurance brokers at Cornerstone Insurance.



Of course, price is always a concern when you’re insuring a vehicle, or multiple vehicles. Major savings can be enjoyed if you insure your home insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and life insurance through Cornerstone Insurance.

We offer a full range of insurance policies so you can enjoy the benefits of having all your protection in one place. Less hassle, less paperwork, and more savings!

Ask us today about how to get a multi-policy discount on your home insurance, commercial insurance, RV insurance, or boat, ATV, or motorcycle insurance. The options are endless, and the savings are incredible!

Give us the opportunity and we’ll find you the ideal balance between affordability and coverage – the best possible bargain for you in your current situation.

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