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Why We Choose to Work with April Canada

Solving tough problems is one of the things we love to do most at Cornerstone Insurance. We work hard to source the best insurance options for you; however, we often run into challenges when we’re looking for extensive policy options that will fit all of your diverse needs. April Canada helps us fill this gap for you, whether you’re looking for commercial or personal lines.

About April Canada

Think of April Canada as the crème de la crème of specialist insurers. They offer hard-to-place insurance solutions and niche products to insurance brokers in Canada. 

April covers what they call “difficult risks,” which may mean you’re in an unusual industry or have specific circumstances that most typical policies can’t or don’t cover. They also add new products to their lines of commercial and personal insurance fairly often, keeping up with market needs.

Their large selection of insurance includes products that are typically hard to find on the insurance market. This makes them an invaluable resource for our clients at Cornerstone Insurance. Plus, they offer great payment options and benefits that we can pass on directly to you. It’s a win-win!

Commercial Lines of Insurance 

If you’re looking for niche insurance solutions for your specialized business, April Canada is a great option. Your Cornerstone Insurance commercial broker will likely source a quote from the professional underwriters at April.

They offer specialized insurance coverage for business owners in hard to insure industries, including, but not limited to:

  •               Farm insurance
  •               Realty insurance
  •               Media insurance
  •               Commercial marine insurance
  •               Hospitality insurance
  •               Motor truck cargo insurance
  •               Medical malpractice coverage
  •               Student housing insurance
  •               Many other types of business insurance

… and more! 

Personal Lines of Insurance 

If their wide selection of specialized commercial lines isn’t for you, April insurance solutions also include plenty of home and auto policies, such as:

  •               Auto insurance 
  •               Home insurance
  •               Pleasurecraft marine coverage
  •               Short-term rental insurance (+ Airbnb coverage)
  •               Insurance for rent, vacant, or seasonal homes

 Thanks to their unique options for residential insurance, our brokers often look at April insurance policies when clients are homeowners, “snowbirds,” or when they own rental properties. 

Learn More About April Canada

To find out more about April Canada or the other insurance companies that Cornerstone Insurance is proud to work with, get in touch with our brokers. We’ve put together a wide selection of insurers that we trust and know. This way, we can shop for the best insurance plans for your needs. If we think you’ll need specialty insurance for your home, belongings, vehicles, or business, we’ll keep you in the loop on how you can get tailored plans from insurers like April.

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