7 Tasks to Take Care of When Moving to Alberta

New beginnings are exciting. Getting ready for a new job, new school, or a new home brings the promise of a fresh start. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of work involved, though. Moving brings plenty of tasks to keep your whole family busy, from logistics to paperwork to the physical move itself. That’s why we’ve created a list of seven essential tasks you’ll want to complete after your move to help you adjust to life in Alberta and settle into your routine faster.

Your Moving-In Checklist

The following tasks are all important to take care of once you move to Alberta and are not listed in any particular order. You can complete them in the sequence that works best for you and your family, but once you do, you’ll feel more at ease in your new place of residence. 

Apply For a New Driver’s License

Anyone in your household who has a driver’s license can apply to switch their license over to an Alberta driver’s licence. You can do this by finding an Alberta Registries location near you. When you or someone in your family is just getting their driver’s licence, Alberta has a graduated licensing system that requires a minimum of three years to reach your full class 5 licence. 

Switching your driver’s licence sets you up for success in a new province and gives you a piece of government-issued photo I.D. with your new home address on it, which will come in handy for other tasks associated with moving. 

Apply For a New Health Card

Your health card is another document or identification you’ll want to apply for. In most scenarios, you must present your Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHIP) card and photo identification to access health services in the province. You can apply for your AHIP card at an Alberta Registries location as long as you can present photo identification and proof of residency. Full details can be found on the Alberta Government website.

Set Up or Transfer Your Home Services 

Making your new house feel like your home will come once you’ve unpacked and transferred all your home services. Once you have your internet and T.V. hooked up, you’ll start enjoying yourself and feeling relaxed. If you still have a landline, you’ll also want to update that. Some companies offer service right across Canada so you can transfer your account to your new home.  

Set Up Your Utilities

Your utilities are another essential service you’ll want to take care of as you move into your new place. You can contact your electricity and heating provider of choice when you know your moving-in date. Having your utilities hooked up makes the transition into your new home a smoother one. Water is one of the most essential utilities. You’ll want to visit your municipal office to arrange for your water and sewage payments and ensure there are no delays in service to your home as you move in. 

Organize Your Personal Papers

Because moving can be a chaotic time, organizing your papers before you pack can help you feel on top of things as you move. You can create a portable filing system, including all your essential paperwork in an accordion file that goes with you along your journey. This way, you can update, transfer, or create the accounts as needed without having to hunt through boxes. We also recommend taking pictures of important documents as a backup system.

Change Your Address for All Your Bills and Cards

All your bills, memberships, and subscriptions will have your address on record, which means you’ll need to update those accounts with your new address. It helps to make a list of your most important bills, cards and accounts and tackle those first. Then you can systematically track your accounts to update the rest. 

Some of the bills and cards you might prioritize could include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Cell phone provider
  • Mail Subscriptions
  • Amazon account 

Update Your Insurance 

As you prepare to move, you’ll want to contact your insurance company to notify them of your change of address and ask about any updates or changes to your policies. You may need to switch insurance providers for your home or auto insurance in Alberta. Depending on where you are moving from, you may find several differences between insurance coverage and rates in Alberta. 

At Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd., we welcome new clients to our beautiful province. We’re committed to finding the best insurance rates for the coverage you need. Our team can help you navigate car insurance in Alberta and ask the right questions to determine if you need additional coverage in your home insurance quote, such as extra coverage for water damage. Whatever questions you may have, talk to your broker, and we’ll find the answers so you have one last task to worry about. 

Meet Our Alberta Insurance Providers

In our effort to serve our clients with the best range of insurance coverage and policies to fit your personal and commercial insurance needs, we work with several trusted insurance companies to find you the best quotes for the coverage you want. We work with great companies that provide various policies for home and auto insurance coverage, such as:

Insurance Brokers in Stony Plain, St. Albert, Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Surrounding Communities

These tasks are essential to check off your list when moving to Alberta, no matter where you’re coming from. We serve dozens of communities in and around the Edmonton area. When you’re in need of personal, commercial, or auto insurance or want to compare quotes, our brokers are here to help. Contacting us helps us get to know you, and what your insurance needs are, so we can provide you with tailored information that matches your unique situation. 

Your Comprehensive Guides to Insurance in Alberta

Are you moving to Alberta from British Columbia or Ontario? Use our comprehensive guides to help you navigate home and auto insurance in Alberta. 

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