7 Items to Consider When You Shop for Recreational Vehicle Insurance

When summer arrives in Canada, Albertans take full advantage of the hot weather. After many months of snow-covered winter roads and wet and rainy springs, we appreciate the precious few months of warm climate when they arrive. As the thermometer rises, drivers across the province dust off their helmets, tune-up their summer rides, and race outdoors. Alongside sandals, shorts, ice cream, and beach weekends, adventure enthusiasts love to hop on their recreational vehicles and hit the open road for long rides under clear blue skies. 

Some Albertans love the sense of freedom of cruising on a motorcycle along this province’s many highways. Others love the thrill of zipping across the province’s rough roads, public lands, and natural terrain on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Whichever one brings you more enjoyment, you’ll want to make sure you have recreational vehicle insurance to protect you, your passengers, and your wheels. 

What is Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

You’re probably familiar with auto, home, and life insurance, but what about recreational vehicle insurance? What does it cover, and who is it for? “Recreational” refers to activities that are primarily for enjoyment or a hobby. Any vehicle designed for recreational use and not regular transportation or commuting falls into the recreational vehicle category. This can include ATVs, motorcycles, dune buggies, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. These vehicles are primarily used for fun during the summer months. And, even though they are used less often, they are just as likely to be involved in accidents as your regular vehicle. In some cases, the risk is higher due to the nature of off-road driving. 

Who Needs Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

If you drive a recreational vehicle, you at least need to have third-party liability insurance. This protects you in the event you are found liable for someone else’s injury or death due to an accident or collision – especially if you are carrying passengers in your vehicle. 

Beyond third-party liability insurance, you might also want to ensure your recreational vehicle with a full “all-perils” policy. This will cover you and your ride for any event not covered by the third-party liability policy, including theft, vandalism, or fire. Insuring your ATV or motorcycle also protects against collision damage and associated maintenance costs. Like any insurance, recreational vehicle insurance provides you with extra security so you can enjoy your summer with confidence no matter where you are riding or who you are with. 

What to Consider When Shopping for Motorcycle or ATV Insurance

There are several things to consider beyond price when you’re shopping for motorcycle or ATV insurance. Whether you’re shopping for policies yourself or working with a broker, the following are helpful considerations: 

Type of Vehicle

The first consideration when shopping for recreational vehicle insurance is the type of vehicle you are driving. A motorcycle will likely cover more kilometers than a dune buggy will, yet a dune buggy might have more risk of damage due to the difference in terrain. Most vehicles that require insurance in Alberta are motorcycles and ATVs. 

Whether You Carry Passengers

Whether you are driving a solo vehicle or have room for passengers will determine the level of third-party liability insurance you will need. However, liability protection is recommended for all drivers, regardless of whether you typically ride solo or with others. 

Consider the Coverage

When shopping for policies, you’ll want to pay attention to what is covered under the quote. Will there be accident benefits, and what are the terms and conditions for compensation? How much is the deductible, and are there options to choose a higher or lower deductible? 

Finding the Best Quote

Finding the best quote available requires patience and determination. It’s not always the bigger insurance companies that provide the best policies. If you don’t have the time to shop around, we highly recommend using an insurance broker such as Cornerstone Insurance Brokers. It’s our job to help find you the coverage you need at a price that matches your budget.  

At Cornerstone, our process involves extensive research. We start by assessing your level of risk, examining the make and model of your recreational vehicle, and searching for the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). When we complete your insurance profile, we research and compare insurance quotes from our partner insurance companies to find the right fit for you. 

Level of Customer Service

The quality of service you experience when contacting the insurance companies should also have an influence on which policy you choose. Are there always long wait times when you call? Are the representatives friendly and helpful? Can you file a claim online? Keep in mind that when you need to call your insurance company, you’ll likely be feeling stressed or anxious already, and you’ll want a company or brokerage with a user-friendly claims process and helpful service. 

At Cornerstone, we believe in quick, local, one-on-one service that is provided by people who know and care. When you choose us for your recreational vehicle insurance, you’ll have us right here for when you need to make a claim, change your coverage, or update your information. 

Bundle Your Insurance to Save Money

Most insurance companies offer discounts for bundling policies. Be sure to ask your broker about what you might be eligible for. If you already have a policy for your regular vehicle, your home, or life insurance, you might be able to add recreational vehicle insurance to the bundle. When you work with an insurance broker, we shop each company’s quotes until we find you the best quote for the type of coverage you need. Plus, we’ll look for any discounts you’re eligible for. 

Work with an Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers work for you, not the insurance companies. And since insurance is our job, we are experts at finding you discounts and superior coverage. Plus, we help uncomplicate the insurance process. We are the ones who contact insurance companies for you, compare quotes, and find you the best offer. We also take the time to explain the paperwork and answer your questions or concerns. If you’re ever in an accident or collision, we’re here to help you file your claim and see the process through.  

Your Recreational Vehicle Insurance Brokers in Edmonton, Alberta

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd. has you covered for all your recreational vehicle insurance needs. We live in Edmonton and know exactly how priceless it is to enjoy the great summer weather and fresh snow with a recreational vehicle. We’re glad to help find you the right insurance policy so you can ride your motorcycle or ATV with peace of mind. Contact us today to start shopping for a quote.

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