5 Reasons To Get Full-Time RV Insurance in Alberta

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July 1, 2022

It’s officially summer in Alberta, which means families across the province are getting their travel trailers cleaned out, stocked up, and ready for another exciting season of road trips! While you are checking off your pre-trip errands, don’t forget to add RV insurance coverage to your task list if you haven’t already insured your travel trailer. 

Why You Need RV Insurance

Full-time RV insurance is specifically for your recreational vehicle, which is commonly mistakenly included in your existing home or auto insurance plans. It is important to understand, though, that RV insurance coverage actually requires its own policy in order for your family and belongings to be protected through the summer camping season and beyond.  

Here are five reasons to get full-time RV insurance in Alberta:

  1. RV insurance is not the same as motorhome insurance 

Firstly, you should know that insurance for your RV is not the same as insurance for a motorhome. A motorhome is a vehicle you drive, therefore requiring insurance as its own motorized vehicle, whereas RVs are pulled behind a vehicle and cannot be driven themselves. This is an important distinction because motorhomes must be insured to be on the road while travel trailers do not. 

Even though you aren’t obligated to insure your RV, it is a great idea to purchase trailer insurance anyway because it offers extra protection for yourself, your family, and your belongings in case of incidents like theft, fire, damages, and liability. 

  1. RV insurance protects you and your belongings against RV or personal property theft

Did you know that items you keep in your trailer, even when you’re not using it, are not covered by any other types of insurance you may have? For example, if you keep your RV parked in your backyard or on the driveway year-round, any type of theft from the trailer would not be covered under your home insurance policy. The same technicality would apply if someone were to steal your RV; the auto insurance policy on any other vehicle you own would not cover the theft

This is why, while it’s not required, talking to an insurance agent at Cornerstone Insurance about purchasing RV insurance will ensure that your RV and any belongings inside are covered in case of theft.   

  1. RV insurance offers protection in case of fire 

Camping in a tent can be fun, but when the weather turns bad, a cozy camper always seems like the preferable alternative. A travel trailer is comfortable and convenient, especially during unpredictable Alberta weather events. As sturdy as an RV is against rain, wind, and hail, RVs are vulnerable to damage in the event of a fire, whether it’s an accidental event, arson by a stranger, or even a wildfire. 

Though paying for travel trailer insurance isn’t necessary, a good RV insurance policy that will keep you and your belongings covered if your RV catches on fire is a priceless investment.  

  1. You can protect your RV against various damages

Fire is only one way to damage an RV. There are all kinds of scenarios where your travel trailer could end up with damage that you would be liable for if not for a good RV insurance policy. For example, someone could back into your camper, an animal might try to get in at night, or someone could even vandalize your trailer while it’s parked on your street. 

Depending on how your RV is damaged, you could be on the hook for emergency vacation expenses on top of the physical damage to your RV itself, which is why our team at Cornerstone Insurance would be happy to tell you more about damages covered by our RV insurance packages.  

  1. RV insurance includes party liability

When it comes to liability, your insurance coverage differs whether your RV is attached to a vehicle or if it is parked on the street or in a campsite. If you are the primary driver of the vehicle that tows your RV from place to place, your auto insurance coverage will likely cover liability if anything happens to the trailer while it is attached to your car. 

Once your RV is parked and detached from your vehicle, though, your car insurance does not cover you for party liability in the event of any damage to the trailer. That’s why it’s wise to get your RV on its own insurance policy to ensure you are protected in case anything happens to your travel trailer any time of the year. 

Where to Find RV Insurance

Now that you know five reasons why you should get RV insurance if you are a trailer owner in Alberta, all you need to know is where to find the right RV insurance coverage. Our insurance brokers at Cornerstone insurance are subject matter experts, ready to set you up with a comprehensive RV insurance policy that will give you peace of mind year after year, so you can focus on enjoying your summer of camping and road trips! 

You may want to shop around at different insurance companies for quotes to compare, but at Cornerstone Insurance, we are confident that our competitive rates and packages will help you save money while obtaining the best protection for your RV. 

At Cornerstone Insurance, our RV insurance coverage includes (but is not limited to):

  • Full replacement cost
  • Liability
  • Contents coverage
  • Loss of use coverage
  • Emergency service expense coverage
  • Family protection
  • Collision coverage

We can also find you a better rate if you bundle your travel trailer insurance with an existing home and/or auto insurance policy!

Get an Online Quote for RV Insurance in Alberta

Enjoying summer in Alberta should be as simple as loading up the trailer, hitting the road, and venturing to a picture-perfect campground in one of our gorgeous provincial parks. Let Cornerstone Insurance take care of your RV insurance so you can focus on making this the best summer vacation yet. 

Get an online quote for comprehensive RV insurance through Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd today so you can go exploring tomorrow!

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